7 Dos and Don’ts for Newbies Hitting the Gym

Did you just start hitting the gym? That’s great! But there are several dos and don’ts you need to know. They’d keep you safe, but also help you perform better. Read ahead.

Never Wear Jewellery

The worst thing you could do when working out is wear jewellery. It could be expensive, which is why it’s unfortunate that your dumb bell smashed into it.

It might have edges that’re sharp. When working out, you make a range of motions so you could hurt yourself.

This isn’t just true for jewellery – don’t wear a watch when at the gym either. The chances of breaking it are high. Just rely on your phone instead.

Always Test Your Clothes

Exercise clothes are not like ordinary ones. They help you perform like an athlete.

Be sure to try them out before you purchase them – keep in mind the exercises you’ll be doing. Would the pants let you hit the ground when squatting? What about when on the treadmill? Will your thighs be able to move freely?

Stay Clear from Baggy Clothes

You might be tempted to wear baggy shirts at the gym. You’ll be comfortable, and there’ll be enough air coming in to keep you cool. But they’re major safety risks – imagine the extra fabric getting caught in a machine.

As the clothes are so big, they’ll work as mops. You probably wouldn’t be able to wear them long as the stench of sweat would be too strong, even if you regularly wash them.

Go with Leggings

The type of pants available to work out in is immerse. Although you could hit the gym with shorts, this might not be a good move. You could be insecure of how you look. You have skin showing after all.

Leggings are great as they fit you like gloves. If you’re a female, you’re lucky as pants with waist trainers exist. But be mindful, purchasing from known brands like The Coreset Leggings™. The waist trainer could be too tight otherwise.

What the corset would do, would be toning your tummy. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Find the Perfect Shoes

To work out the best, carefully pick out the shoes you’ll be wearing. Make sure that they’re very comfortable; your feet will be sore otherwise. They need to be the perfect fit as well. If not, you’re going to hurt yourself.

Depending on the exercises you’ll be doing, the type of shoe you’ll have to wear would differ. There are ones specifically for cardio – they keep you agile. Meanwhile, shoes for lifting would keep your feet grounded and supported.

Keep Your Clothes On

You may not be shy about your physique. That’s why when things get hot, your shirt comes off. The people at the gym might not be a fan of this. Remember that you’re in public.

Being shirtless also means that your sweat would go everywhere. Not only would you be transferring germs, but the sweat would harden and make the equipment sticky.

Do Change Your Clothes

Once your work out is done, don’t head home without changing your clothes. You’ll wreak of sweat. This won’t be fun for anyone that is passing you on the way.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the above points in mind would allow for the best gym experience. So, what do you think?


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