How Do I Create The Perfect Care Package?

If your loved one has been going through a rough time, one of the best things you can do for them is creating a care package. With this, they’ll feel your love coming through as you are making them feel great. However, what are the things you’re supposed to put inside a care pack? Read below to find out.


Now, your care pack needs to be filled with goodies that emphasize the “care” in “care pack”. How would you do this? Think about items that would promote self-care, such as lavish body oils,  bath bombs, scents and soft towels.

Additionally, If your friend loves taking care of themselves, black exfoliating gloves would be a great gift if they tan.

You Need Food

Sweet treats are the way to anyone’s soul. This is why your care pack should include these. If you’re wondering what sweets to get, the obvious choice would be chocolates. As you know, there are white, milk and dark chocolates, and different types of candy that focus around chocolate like snickers and mars bars.

An assortment of all 3 types of chocolate would be a beautiful choice and would be appreciated by anyone. However, if who you’re making the parcel for someone who is picky, then you might want to assess what they would like.

Moreover, you could avoid these as a whole. Instead, purchase artisanal chocolate. This choice is the more luxurious of the two, and would be particular as artisanal chocolates have rather exotic tastes, such as red chili, jalapeno, lavender, even green tea. So, be sure to pack this if your loved one favours the wilder things in life.

Heal The Mind

It wouldn’t be a care package if you didn’t place an assortment of entertainment. However, what type of entertainment would you even place inside a care package? Make sure that you can get your hands on a few books, as well as movies.

In terms of the books, does your loved one have any favorites? If they do, they would appreciate a copy of this. If you want to go the extra mile, do not get the exact copy they own. Instead, make sure it’s a copy with a different cover, an alternate ending, or limited edition.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to purchase their favorite book. Rather, look for something that they may like. Be sure to take their tastes into account when you look through the internet for suggestions. A great way to map options out is by looking at the other work your loved one’s favorite author has published.

In terms of movies, you could download movies into a pen drive and hand it over, but where’s the charm with that? Make sure you purchase a hard copy of each.  And, if you’re wondering what movies work best, their favorites should be included along with the older film.

Older movies are notorious for their comfort and nostalgia, which makes them perfect for care packages.

With these, your friend would be in awe!

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