How to Choose Fabrics That Suit Your Body Type

Going shopping is confusing and sometimes frustrating when you realize that you cannot find anything that fits your body type correctly. No matter how great the outfit is if it does not suit your body type it will not look flattering on you. While many of you may attribute this to the design of the outfit, did you know that the actual fabric out of which the outfit has been made also has a lot to do with this effect? So here are some great tips on what fabric suits different body types so that your next shopping spree is a rewarding one.

If You Have A Rectangle Body Structure

If you are on the skinnier side you would sometimes have a rectangle body shape. If you do not have that much fat on you, anything that is figure hugging would show off that structure a lot more. While being skinny is nothing bad you simply need to know the right materials that can accentuate your willowy and graceful figure. Anything that is body-hugging like spandex or the likes should be avoided as much as possible and you should focus on items like cotton, satin or linen. You can easily look for silk dresses Australia online as well so that you have plenty of options to fill up your wardrobe. Another option that you could choose would be to start adding layers to your outfits so that you can enhance your curves.

The Hourglass Physique

If you have been blessed with the perfectly toned hourglass body you are in luck. You have all the curves in the right places so whatever that you choose to wear should definitely accentuate those curves. Because you have a well-toned hourglass body type there are just a handful of options that would not work with you, if at all. You can actually choose anything that you want to wear if you have a good sense of style. The only no-go would be to wear things that are loose fitting like a georgette baggy jumpsuit or the likes as they will not accentuate your natural body shape.

Pear Shaped Body Types

If you have a lower body that is comparatively heavier than your upper body you have a pear-shaped body type. In this case you should definitely avoid wearing body-con outfits because it will stick to you like second skin and draw emphasis to the heaviness of your lower body. What you could do instead would be to choose flowy fabric types like georgette and chiffon as they are graceful and will drape well. You should also choose a fitted top with a flared out bottom as much as possible. Try not to wear too many leggings or fitted skinny jeans.

Apple Shaped Body Structure

You will have a wide but proportionate upper body with slim legs if you have an apple shaped body type. Once again figure-hugging outfits would not be the best look for you so avoid anything like Lycra and Spandex. Always try to look for outfits that will be well fitted but with enough space between the . Flomaterial would work well for this body type too.

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