How To Do Your Hair And Makeup

It is important that you understand that there is no hard and fast rule of doing makeup. You just need to ensure that the makeup you wear is something that you like and that you are comfortable with. Makeup varies from person to person depending on their style, what they like and also what they dislike.

Comfort Zone

You may have one lipstick that you love wearing wherever you go however, there may be certain outfits that you wear which may go better with a different shade of lipstick, therefore, trying out different shades of lipstick or different shades of eye shadow can go a long way. Once you are comfortable with a certain lipstick shade or if you do not like to apply too much blush you may feel uneasy to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. However, unless you try you will never know whether you like it or not. Therefore instead of merely assuming certain things will not suit you, you should instead try it out and see for yourself.


With having a new hairdo you may feel shy or uncertain to step out of your comfort zone.  After having applied makeup, if you are not happy with a certain aspect of it, for example, you may feel as though you have applied too much blush and therefore you can always remove the blush and then try again. However, when it comes to hair the process is not that simple especially if you cut your hair. If you are not happy with a haircut or if you feel the hairdresser has cut off too much you cannot paste the hair back on. However, if you do want to try a new look without permanently changing your current look you can do this by trying certain things such as hair extensions. The plus point of using hair extensions is that they actually look real. Therefore you do not have to worry about it giving out a fake look.


The other benefits of using hair extensions include the fact that it is temporary as hair extensions can be removed. Therefore if you are not happy with the look it can always be taken off. In order for the hair extensions you use to not damage your hair or your scalp you need to ensure that it is installed properly. There are certain ways to install hair extensions so that it does no harm to your hair or scalp. For instance, using the tape in hair extensions not only makes the installation process easy but it also aids in preventing damage to the scalp. You should also ensure that good quality hair extensions are installed. In order to make sure the process is done right you need to make sure that you go to the right place.


When doing your hair and makeup it is important that you do not do it to please others or to keep up with any kind of trend. Once your hair and makeup is done you should make sure that you not only feel happy with the way it has been done but you should also make sure that you feel confident.

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