How to Look Fabulous At an Event without Overspending

It is a common misconception that in order to look fabulous, you need to spend fabulously as well. This is where we come in; proving this theory wrong. Here’s how you can look your fabulous without overspending!


Get Yourself the Perfect Dress

One of the main elements for looking fabulous is the clothes you will have on at the event. Of course, if you can afford to buy original designer clothing, you won’t be having an issue. However, if you’re looking for ways to look fabulous without spending big money, then we suggest you DIY your clothing. Learning to stitch is not difficult at all nowadays; thanks to all the tutorials freely available online. But we also understand that most of us lead busy lives that won’t exactly give us the free times for projects such as this. In this case, hire a fabulous Alex Perry designer dress (or the designer of your choice) from your locality.

Practice and Perfect Your Makeup and Hairdo

Makeup and hairdos can cost a great deal if you happen to get it done professionally. However, this is a cost easily avoided with a little preparing. Even if you’re not that good at makeup application, with the help of free video tutorials available online, and a lot of practicing, you can do your own makeup quite easily. The secret is to keep it simple. A little foundation, the right coloured eyeshadow, the perfect style of eyeliner, a little blush and a suitable lipstick will glam you up in minutes.


Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable As Well As Stylish

For sure there are times in which you need to sacrifice comfort for style. Nevertheless, when it’s an important event, and you want to look fabulous, it’s vital that you take your comfort to consideration as well when purchasing your shoes. The reason is simple; your discomfort will show in your face¾putting all your efforts to look good to waste.

Give Yourself A Good Pamper Session the Days Prior To the Event

While it’s true that you might not be given a chance to pamper yourself every day, when it comes to a big event, it always pays to give in to a little pampering. From a few days before the event, begin your pamper session. Sleep earlier than usual so you look well rested. Drink plenty of water so your skin naturally looks well moisturized. You might even want to consider working out, giving yourself that naturally glowing look. Don’t forget, you know your hair best¾so decide when you need to wash it before the event.


Arrive In Style and Comfort, but Avoid the Overspending

Our last suggestion is that you make sure you have a comfortable ride for the event. Rent a car or book an Uber that is well air-conditioned¾making sure your makeup doesn’t start melting even before the event. Even if you have your own vehicle, consider getting a ride/drive, as you really don’t want to have to fight traffic or look for parking spots in all your glory.

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