Ideas to Make Your Dreams for a Rustic Wedding Come True

Have you always dreamt of having a rustic wedding, where your happiness is the prettiest thing? If you’ve found your partner, and are ready to make that dream come true, then here are a few of our tips and suggestion…!

Start from Your Invitation Card

Your invitation cards for the weddingand reception are the very first thing about your wedding that your guests willsee. This means you can not only make sure to include your theme into it, bychoosing a rustic and raw design for it, but you can also include a dress codefor your guests; making them more excited about your wedding and making yourwedding prettier at the same time.

The Venue the Emphasizes the Simplicity

A rustic wedding in one of your usual venues simply won’t workout. This is because the usual reception venues are designed for elegance and glamor, rather than simplicity. To keep with your theme and emphasize it further, consider opting for a warehouse wedding venue; either indoors or outdoors. You can also use the outdoors (like the garden) for the ceremony and the dancing; and use the warehouse for the reception meal.

The Ceremony That Keeps It to the Point

Try to keep to your theme even at theceremony. Keep things simple and short; yet beautiful and poignant. If you areplanning on using a band during the ceremony (as is the norm in most weddingsnowadays), try to make sure it’s either a single piece (like a violin or apiano), or a small band playing. It’s also vital that you make sure to decorateaccordingly. Our current favourite rustic wedding décor include a simple circlealter backdrop with flowers and greenery, and the bare minimum décor for therest of the ceremony area.

The Dress That Makes You Look the Part

When it comes to the dress, you havetwo main options. You could either opt to go with the theme, and have yourdress made (or off the shelf, of course…!) in simple lines, and without all theusual fuss of a wedding dress. If you opt for this, you will need to make sureyour makeup is as natural as you can get, in order to achieve that simple, yetheart-dropping beautiful look. The other option, in our opinion, is to contrastwith the décor. Where the theme rings out rustic simplicity from every cornerof your wedding, the bride alone will look glamorous in contrast.

The Accessories to Complement the Bride…And the Theme

Whether you choose the sweeping, glamorous dress, or the simple lined, rustic dress, the accessories to complement it needs to be special. The most important of all is the bouquet the bride carries. To match with the theme, you can opt to go for something rustic yet beautiful, like a small bouquet of wildflowers, or a wreath of flowers, leaves and wines. Remember to match the groom’s coat pin the same to continue that theme…

The Menu That Fits Your Theme

And last, don’t forget to pay attention to the foodyou serve. You could opt for either a sit-down meal, or even buffet. You’ll besurprised at how much of a variety you can choose from, when it comes to rusticwedding menus. Even the finger foods you serve before the meal can be done in arustic, yet elegant way.

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