Items Every Fashionista Should Have

Fashionista is a colloquial term for a person who is a devout follower of the latest fashion trends. People tend to mistake fashionistas as those girls who just tirelessness spend huge amounts of money buying new clothes until their empty their bank balance. But a fashionista is more like a very selective shopper knowing what things to buy and only buy those. Well, if you either want to be like them you have to know what they have in their wardrobe so let’s look at that:

An Overcoat

This means anything that goes over the normal coat that you wear. It could be a full on a winter jacket, or a nice leather jacket that they wear to match their dress.  Nowadays you can buy one for quite cheap and there many places where you can get affordable betty basics jacket. So this is a must-have in your list of clothing

A Perfect Pair Of Jeans

I cannot stress enough how important this is. A good pair of jeans is a staple in any persons who is stylish. Not only that, it is the most important piece of garment. A perfect jean should have the perfect fit on that brings out the right curves. It also should have the right colour. One that actually matches the tops that you own. Choosing a proper jeans is a time consuming process as it requires multiple fit on until you get the one that is just right. So it’s important to give adequate thought to the jeans.

Red Lipstick

Although red might not be suitable for every girl, the right shade of red is a bold statement. It is a nice piece of equipment that can complete any wardrobe. To make it interesting have different shades of red, one for every occasion. For example a nice bright red with a black dress will be perfect for an evening look.

White Sneakers

Now, yes a lot of people tend to stay away from white shoes. Mainly because they get dirty easily. But it’s also important that white is such a neutral colour that can complement any look. For example a nice t-shirt and black jeans with white sneakers are perfect to pull off a teenage look. Just a tip when you do however buy white sneakers make sure you invest in some good shoe cleaner that way you can rock that nice white look for an extended period of time.


Belts are one of the cheapest accessories that you can have. I don’t just mean belts that help you keep the trousers up. But ones that can go over your waist. Invest in a few different types of belts in different colours. If you ever you get bored with a look wear a belt over it and voila you look completely different now.


Watches also an important piece of accessory. This might be expensive based your taste and preference of brands. A lot of people end up being stuck on expensive brands such as Rolex. The best thing would be to buy a watch which is not too expensive and but looks great and most importantly goes with all your other clothes.

There are of course more things that you need but these are some basics that you should have in your wardrobe

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