Key Clothing Pieces You Should Have in Your Athleisure Wardrobe

Athleisure has been a popular fashion trend for many years now. It’s not only perfect for wearing to the gym but also look great when worn on regular days. Athleisure pieces feature a relaxed and comfy style, making it perfect for casual days.

If you’re planning to try out this fashion style, you might be confused which pieces are great for starters. Here are some of the key clothing pieces you should invest in when starting out an athleisure wardrobe.


Hoodies are just so perfect when working out or even when you’re just lounging. They are also cosy and comfy to wear when the temperature starts to drop. When choosing a hoodie, look for one that is made from durable fabric and is a little bit oversized for more comfort.

It’s easier to match hoodies with neutral colours such as black, grey, brown or white but you could also go for your favouritecolour if you like. You could wear it over your shirt when going out on a cold day and pair it with comfy joggers for a complete athleisure outfit.


Joggers are the perfect tandem for a hoodie but you could also pair them with your favourite shirt. These days, a lot of social interactions people do are just online so there’s no need to get dressed up fully for a meeting or conference. You could stay comfy in that joggers even when you’re wearing a more formal top. When choosing joggers, choose ones made from comfy materials such as fleece for extra softness and warmth.


Leggings are one of the staples in every wardrobe. This clothing piece can be paired with almost anything – from simple shirts to hoodies and even stylish blouses. Leggings are made from stretchable material making it more flexible when you’re working out.

 It is also comfy to wear when you’re just running out for a quick errand. When shopping for leggings, choose one that fits perfectly and is not too tight. Black leggings are a must-have for every wardrobe since it is easy to match with other colours plus it looks great on almost any occasion. For more utility, look for leggings with phone pocket so you can simply grab and take your essentials when in a rush.


Your athleisure outfit would never be complete without a pair of quality trainers. Athletic clothing just looks perfect when paired with sneakers or trainers, whether you’re really going out to the gym or just out to grab coffee with friends.

When choosing a pair of trainers, look for the technical features such as support and traction aside from the aesthetics so you could also use it for working out. Find one with the right fit on your foot to keep you comfortable even on long walks or when exercising.

With those few key clothing pieces, you could now get started with your athleisure wardrobe and gradually upgrade it with more athletic clothes for more variety.


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