Tattoo Aftercare: Everything You Need to Do After Getting a Tattoo

After getting your tattoo done, taking care of it is one of the essential steps to keep your tattoo looking as perfect as it could be. Aside from that, following a proper post-tattoo care also keeps you away from infections. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take care of your new tattoo.

The Importance of Tattoo Aftercare

Taking care of your tattoo is your sole responsibility and must be taken seriously. Your tattoo stays with you forever to it is best to keep it looking fresh and crisp just like the first time you got it. Also, your skin will be an open wound after getting inked and could easily get infected. Proper care helps prevent your skin from getting infected. Also, tattoos that are well taken care of ages beautifully with the wearer.

How to Take Care of a Tattoo?

Different tattoo artists have varying suggestions on tattoo aftercare. To ensure safety and quality of your tattoo, always choose the experts in this field. Visit our studio for artistic and best quality tattoos Echuca made by veteran tattoo artists. Here are the best ways to properly care for a new tattoo.

  • Leave the bandage on as told by your artist – The duration depends on your tattoo so it’s best to follow the advice of the artist. Usually, you can keep it bandaged for a few hours if it’s small but the duration gets longer the bigger the tattoo is.
  • Wash gently and carefully – After removing the bandage, wash your tattoo carefully and gently with warm water and a mild or fragrance-free soap. This method removes dried blood on the wound.
  • Pat dry – After cleaning the area, make sure to pat it dry. Avoid rubbing it since it would really hurt and get damaged also.
  • Apply moisturizing cream – After cleaning and drying the area, apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion, petroleum jelly or whichever product your artist recommended. This helps nourish the skin and speed up healing.
  • Clean it regularly – To avoid infections, make sure to wash your tattoo gently for at least twice a day. Continue doing this until the skin is fully healed, around 2 to 4 weeks depending on the size.
  • Don’t mind flaking and scabbing – Flaking and scabbing is normal a few days or weeks after having your tattoo. It is part of the skin’s healing process. Pulling or picking them out can damage the colour of your tattoo as well as increase the risk of infections.
  • Keep out of the sun – Sunlight can cause any tattoo to fade so make sure to cover them. If the tattoo is already dried and healed, you can apply a sun protection lotion to protect the colours from fading.
  • Baths not allowed – There are chances that the ink will bleed into the bath if you’re soaking for too long. If your tattoo is still fresh, stick to short showers instead.

No matter how big or small your tattoo is, proper care is important to get the most out of your it.

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