The First 4 Steps to Doing Your Makeup

Most women wear makeup and they almost always have at least one makeup tip they would like to share with those around. Some of these makeup tips will work while for some others it may not work. This is because every individual is different and will have their own preferences on how they should do their makeup and how it will make them feel. When it comes to makeup, finding out what works for you is best through experimentation so that you can create your own unique makeup routine that is right for you. Here are some basic guidelines that we have compiled to give you an understanding of where to start.

Apply a Primer

A primer is a type of cream that you directly apply on to the face before you apply your makeup. The primer acts as a base coat for your skin, helping it keep moisturized and reduces the appearance of pores. It will also help keep your makeup stay longer. It is typically used in the T-zone of your face which is the forehead, nose and chin acting as a buffer for your face’s natural oil zones and your makeup. The face primer should not be used on the eyes as there are primers especially to be used on your eyelids.

Application of a Foundation

There are some tips when picking a foundation as foundations come in various types such as liquid, cream, gel, powder and stick. The types of foundation you use depend on the weather, your skin type and the application technique such as light coverage versus heavy coverage. Make sure that you clean your face and have eyebrow shaping Brisbane done before applying foundation as this will help your face glow. Cover the entire face and the neck with the foundation of your choice; this includes eyelids, under the nose, chin and close to the ears. Usually, liquid and gels hold up better in warm and humid weather than the creams.

Apply a Bronzer and a Blush

Bronzers are used to make your skin look a little darker than it is to give it a subtle tanned look. However, if you use a bronzer that is too dark, it is likely that this will make you look older. It is best to go with subtle highlights to help the best features in your face stand out. When it comes to selecting the blush, it is important to go for colours that make your face look soft and natural on your face. Ensure that the bronzer and the blush blend well and if you find it too much, use some foundation to cover the excess. In addition, it helps to use a blush that matches with the lip colour for example; if you use a cool colour on your lips, your blush can be of a cool tone as well.

Do Your Eyes

Applying eyeshadow will make your eyes stand out and flatter your facial features well. Colours like brown, bronze and taupe are excellent for just about anyone for day to day wear. Plum and mauve give a classic look that is more prominent on the eyes.

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