Things To Do Before Proposing To Your Sweetheart

If you are planning to pop the question to your sweetheart, you really would be in great trepidation now! ‘Will you marry me?’ is, after all, such a hard question to ask, even if you know the answer! The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you to as you prepare to ask this fateful question.

Choose The Location

Needless to say, the location that you choose can certainly alter the quality of the memory you create! So take your time and do your research well before you hastily decide on a location. Try to find a place that means something to both of you. Even if it is not a fancy destination, if the place means something to both of you, the memory you create will indeed be priceless. You can opt to propose to her in the place where you first met or in the place where you first danced together. If you decide to do something a little more glamorous, you can always choose a fancy restaurant or hotel lawn. You can even pop the question on an exotic beach while holidaying together.

Set The Mood

You know this moment will be remembered for years so don’t go about it hastily! Instead, take your time and try to set the mood so that your partner will be enthralled when you ask the question. You can choose to give her a surprise if you please. Talk about the journey that both of you have taken over the years and then go on to say how much you desire to spend the rest of your life with her. It will be a good way to open the topic after all! Don’t take it too far because if you do, she will suspect you are going to ask the question and your surprise will be spoiled. Instead, wait for the right moment and then get down on your knee and propose.

Prepare To Take A Photo

You will need to capture the glow and joy on her face when you ask her the fateful question for sure! So have someone in the distance to capture the moment. You can get a friend of yours to help you out if you like. Make sure the angle is right so that your friend will be able to capture all the emotions on your lover’s face. Instead of asking an amateur, you can opt to get the assistance of a professional specializing in proposal photography if you like. This way, high-quality shots will be guaranteed.

Buy The Ring!

Of course the key component in this scenario is the ring! So make sure you get one that will delight her heart! You need to know her unique ideas and preferences when choosing the ring. If you can choose the ring by yourself it will help you to surprise her well on the day that you ask the question!

All the very best to you as you prepare to ask the question that will change your life!

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