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Tips on Plus Size Intimates and Clothing

The saying goes, ‘bigger is better’ may not be so well perceived when it comes to relatively larger breast size among women. Reality is it can oftentimes be frustrating to find a comfortable fit. It could be that it doesn’t fit your curves properly. Or it could be that it’s pushing out flab around your waistline creating a ‘muffin top’.  You should have garments that are functional, comfortable, and yes, takes care of that extra weight around your midsection.

Be Sure To Get The Right Measurements

It’s important to get measured. You can ask your local tailor to get the measurements of your body. This is important prior to shop online if you plan to purchase clothes through your favorite online shop. It could also be that you’re planning to purchase new underwear for the next few days. Never rely on a previous year’s measurement. Chances are your body has changed a few inches since then.

Fit Just Right

You should never go a size down or up when it comes to comfortable underwear. For bras, you might be tempted to look into the design more than comfort. In choosing the wrong fitting, it could lead to discomfort and even bulging flesh on the sides. You need a bra that gives enough support and comfortable enough to move about. When you buy anything too large, it may not give the kind of support you’ll need to keep your breasts firm.

Or You Can Choose A Good Shapewear

This is your best arsenal if all else fails. Aside from giving you smooth curves, investing in a quality plus size shapewear would help you get the right fit for your skimpier outfits. Whether it’s a plain shirt with jeans or a sexy cocktail dress, these are the right go-to items you should have to get a slender body shape.

Don’t Hesitate To Shop Online

There are a few hoaxes when it comes to shopping online. You probably heard countless comments about ‘ill-fitting’ clothing and underwear for plus-size women. But remember, you already have your measurements. Once you have that, it will be easier for you to look into online shopping platforms for general clothing and undergarments. Don’t rely too much on the sizes posted by these brands. Check on the measurements found in the description. A size 26 in one brand may be a size 25 in another.

See What Others Are Saying

If you’re shopping for clothing, there is a possibility that you may encounter crisp fabrics. Meaning, they don’t really stretch much. If you’re a bit unsure what size you’ll be in for that type of fabric, you can check for plus-size style bloggers who may be doing a review on that similar product or of a similar fabric. This will give you an idea of the size you’ll need to fit in nicely once it’s delivered right at your doorstep.

Cheap Isn’t Always Better

There will be times that you get a good bargain for clothes and intimates whether in your local store or online shop. But always go for quality if you’re looking for clothing that will last for a longer time. This is particularly true for staple clothes or designs you’d like to keep wearing longer.

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