What Every Girl Needs in Her Private Space

For every girl, her room is a private space where she can do whatever she wants and where she can plan her dreams. This private space of hers can store tremendous memories with her family and friends – to freely goof around, to cry over troubled moments, and to laugh over senseless matters. It is also where goes home to after a stressful day she encountered. Indeed, a girl’s private space plays a crucial role in her growth and development. Hence, it is important for a girl to plan out her private space carefully and to identify the essential things she needs. Below are just some tips to help every girl design her space.


In every bedroom, there is a bed, otherwise, it is not a bedroom. It is also the focal point of the room and since it is where you sleep at night, it should be comfortable. The softness of the bed should match your liking. However, apart from the softness and comfortability that the bed gives, it is also essential that you design it to add character into it. It is, after all, the focal point of the room so it must be beautiful. You can include a combination of plain and printed linens to make it look appealing. A printed cushion and pillows often match with plain bed linen. 


In every part of the house, it is important to have enough lights to allow its residents to easily move around. The same concept applies to the bedroom. Although the use of pin lights has been a trend, you can add more character to the room by adding a chandelier or ceiling light in the middle. There are several designs available in the lighting shops. You can go for either the extravagant or the subtle one, depending on the design of the room. You can also purchase bedside lamps for additional lighting.

Dressing Area

Without a doubt, every girl loves to dress up; hence, there is a need to allocate a dressing area. This area is vital as it is where she keeps her personal care and accessories items such as comb, perfumes, and lotions. This is also where the makeup table along with accessories are located. Depending on your preference, the vanity mirror could vary in size. It can be a small one to reflect half of your body or a large one to reflect your whole body. The small one is commonly used for cosmetics application purposes, while the larger one is to reflect your overall head-to-toe look. This mirror, in fact, holds great purpose during selfie moments.


Girls have more clothes than boys do. Given this, a large storage is needed to store all her clothing essentials, shoes, cosmetics, and jewellery. It is important that much space should be allocated as for sure, she’ll have more clothes and shoes as she grows up. In terms of design, you can hang trinkets on the dresser knobs to break the plain cabinet designs.

Indeed, girls need more in their life than boys do. Then again, this is the defining trait that sets boys and girls apart. Follow these tips in designing your room to ensure that you have everything that you need. 

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