Why Do Indian Brides Wear Nose Rings

There are a few pieces of indian jewellery that are quite famous amongst people since centuries. ‘Nath’ or nose ring is one such piece that is worn by many women as a way of representing their culture and traditions. It is quite common for a woman to wear a nose ring in the Indian culture.

Many brides continue to follow this tradition on their big day. The tradition started way back during the Mughal empire as women from that era wore nose pieces either on the left side or on both the sides.

It can be seen quite often that the nose ring is often attached with the earrings hence giving a nice and complete look to the bride.

Indian brides wear nose rings as a way of representing their culture and to tell the world that they are married. It is also incorporated into their culture mainly because Devi Parvati who is considered to be the goddess of marriage was always seen wearing it.

Significance of Nath in Indian Culture and Marriage

It is believed by many that if a woman wears a nose ring then she is considered to be a Virgin. The significance of it is linked to a women’s virginity and if she wishes to wear it after her marriage as well then she can continue to do so.

It happens quite often that women tend to get matching nose rings with their outfits such as saree or lehenga choli. It helps them complete their overall look.

The design of the nose ring is selected in a manner that it compliments other forms of Indian jewellery that the bride is wearing. Furthermore, there are women who hardly consider the size of the nose ring carefully. In reality, people should consider their size and shape of their face.

Furthermore, there is another concept behind wearing a nose ring in the Indian culture. Women are advised to wear it on the left side as it is believed that the nerves on the left side are linked with the reproductive organs of a female hence it is going to ensure that the delivery or the entire phase of pregnancy is free from any pain or stress. It is considered to minimize the pain during the delivery process. It can also help control and balance out the pain during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

There is another superstitious belief as well behind wearing a nath. It is believed that women are also advised to wear it because if women exhale the air around her through the nostrils then it can have a negative impact on her husband’s health hence the best way to protect is to wear a nose ring.

However, whatever the superstition or significance is, the reality is that the trends have changed over the years and a lot of people wear it because they are inspired by the celebrities or new styles around them.

The significance still persists but one cannot say it with certainty that whether people wear it because of the taboo associated with it or as a form of adding stylistic statement to their overall look.


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